Idea Teknoloji Cozumleri

Idea Teknoloji Cozumleri

Idea Teknoloji Cozumleri is established in 2005, for the purpose of maintaining effective management of sales processes by using technology.

Today, Idea Teknoloji Cozumleri is the long term partner of many multinational corporations which have extensive sales and distribution network in Turkey and neighboring countries.

In order to maximize the profit of those corporations, Idea Teknoloji Cozumleri develops up-to-date software solutions for sales and distribution management.

In terms of tax technologies, in other words Taxology, Idea Teknoloji Cozumleri played the pioneer role for roll-out of e-Invoice and e-Ledger in Turkey.

In 2013, Idea Teknoloji Cozumleri, pioneering the way in electronic financial applications, which have been also used in Turkey, is a private company to become the first e-Invoice private integrator, the first platform independent e-Ledger solution provider as well as the first one to obtain e-Archive Invoice service approval certified by the Revenue Administration in Turkey.

Idea R&D Center, which becomes entitled to receive the Authorized R&D Center Certificate from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology under "the Law regarding Support of Research and Development Activities" dated 1/13/2014 Idea R&D Center cooperates with academicians expert in their fields from many prominent universities of Turkey with respect to R&D projects.

Idea Teknoloji Cozumleri is keep developing new taxology solutions for sales and distribution management and making preparations of the next step for all the parties to deal with…