Quality Policy

Quality Policy

For Idea Teknoloji Cozumleri, quality means to choose the good and correct one against the bad one, choose the better one against the good one and choose the excellent one against the better one, at in every stage of product development, solution, implementation and support services.

Vision is to be ready to respond to the needs before arises, in other words it is being "one step ahead".

Idea Technology collects information, conducts risk analysis, assesses risks, decides and rates them according to evidence-based decision-making principles to identify risks in all processes. Reviews and revises the assessment periodically. Plans and implements the information and development work necessary for the establishment of risk-based thinking throughout the company.

Everyone in company, regardless of role and position in the process of production, research & development, adaptation, support and service delivery, carry out tasks within the guiding principles below:

  • Respects nature, physical and visual environment,
  • Takes into account country interests and economy, avoids being extravagance,
  • He/She is aware of the universal values embracing human resources,
  • He/She is in line with global standards, laws and company vision,
  • He/She is aware of customer values and business priorities,
  • Acts by knowing the value of the data and information belonging to the customer,
  • Firstly, while responding to the needs of customers on today, observes, evaluates their future needs and takes account,
  • Questions about the benefits of products, solutions and services,
  • It aims to reach the right information and benefit from experience,
  • For the transfer of acquired knowledge and experience to future of colleagues, team and company, applies the defined procedures.