Human Resources

Idea Teknoloji accepts its employees and the staff as its biggest value. The investment which will be done to the staff is the most important factor for Idea Teknoloji to create qualified solutions and its long-term success. The Human Resources strategy of Idea Teknoloji is developed upon this basic essential. The basic points of this model developed for this content are as follows:

  • 01

    To submit the work-environment and sources that will assist the staff to build Unconditional Customer Satisfaction and the high quality, which is the main component of the customer satisfaction.

  • 02

    To provide training to the staff which will assist them to develop their personal and technical perfection

  • 03

    To keep the high-motivation of the staff up

  • 04

    To increase the social and communicative skills of the staff among themselves and with the customers at the highest level

  • 05

    To increase their productivity of the staff by extending their responsibilities and authorities of the staff