• Idea Teknoloji participated "Application Solutions and Project Experiences in Manufacturing & Retailing" activity organized by Sun Microsystems and Oracle in December 10, 2009 at Ritz Carlton-Istanbul with Mey Içki success story. Mey Içki Information Technologies Director Serdar Abraz shared the operational and strategic advantages acquired by VisionPlus solution with the attendance. Furthermore, Idea Teknoloji Managing Partner Bahadır Onay was engaged as speaker in "Technology in Manufacturing Sector" organized under the activity.

    December 2009
  • İdea Teknoloji, Sun Microsystems ve Oracle tarafından 10.Aralık.2009 tarihinde Ritz Carlton-İstanbul'da düzenlenen "Üretim ve Perakendecilikte Uygulama Çözümleri ve Proje Deneyimleri" etkinliğine Mey İçki başarı öyküsü ile katıldı. Mey İçki Bilgi Teknolojileri Müdürü Serdar Abraz, VisionPlus çözümü ile elde ettikleri operasyonel ve stratejik avantajları katılımcılar ile paylaştı. Ayrıca İdea Teknoloji Yönetici Ortağı Bahadır Onay, etkinlik kapsamında düzenlenen "Üretim Sektöründe Teknoloji" panelinde konuşmacı olarak yer aldı.

    Aralık 2009
  • Idea Teknoloji met with the business world in Oracle Day 2009 which is the most important organisation for IT industry. Idea Teknoloji presented two success stories with its customers: British American Tobacco (BAT) / Regional Success Story of BAT Turkey: VisionPlus and Eczacıbaşı-Baxter / VisionPlus Pharma: Pharma Tracking System. BAT and Eczacıbaşı-Baxter shared their project experiences and benefits that they got.

    November 2009
  • Perfetti Sales and Distribution project finished successfully. VisionPlus SFA solution was integrated with SAP system which is hosted in Italy headquarters. All other components of the system like Oracle 10g database, Motorola MC70 handheld computers, vehicle mounted printers and installation services was provided by Idea Teknoloji.

    September 2009
  • Ülker Golf decided to work with Idea Teknoloji in Business Intelligence project. By using Oracle BI solution, reaching analytical reports with visual techniques is targeted for Ülker Golf and distributors employees.

    August 2009
  • Idea Teknoloji has started to present Level-2 Support for BAT Turkey and Saudi Arabia Sales-Distribution projects with its team within BAT.

    July 2009
  • Türk Tuborg (Carlsberg) Sales Distribution Project launched. Türk Tuborg has decided to change its sales-distribution application used since 2005 in the framework of its new strategies and continues its way with VisionPlus.

    June 2009
  • According to "Informatics 500" results organized by Interpro for the tenth time and highlighting the changes and developments in Turkey's informatics market, Idea Teknoloji Solutions has increased its sales incomes %102 in 2008 and is ranked second in "CRM Application Incomes" category.

    June 2009
  • "Mobile Reporting Project" of Idea Teknoloji offering platform independent reporting facility to mobile employees is supported by Tübitak

    May 2009
  • Eczacıbaşı-Baxter "Medicine Tracking System" project is realized successfully by using VisionPlus Pharma solution.

    May 2009