• Tax penalty is not virtual but real.

    SabahDecember 2014
  • Tax penalty is not virtual but real

    TakvimDecember 2014
  • A success story in technology.

    Turkish TimeDecember 2014
  • Turkish engineer won the first place in the international conference.

    IT NetworkOctober 2014
  • Companies ensure savings with e-Ledger application.

    IT NetworkOctober 2014
  • Companies will realize savings with e-Ledger

    StarSeptember 2014
  • Invoices are kept in electronic environment.

    Digital Age DergisiSeptember 2014
  • Era of printed invoices will be over leading to a saving of 5 billion liras

    Vatan GazetesiAugust 2014
  • Idea Teknoloji introduced e-Archive Invoice application to e-Commerce sector

    IT NetworkAugust 2014
  • Financial system is in an end-to-end transformation process

    BT HaberAugust 2014