Date Activity
13.12.2018 Blockchain in Business- TÜBİSAD
14.11.2018 Smart Future Expo
25.10.2018 SAP Now İstanbul
17.10.2018 The IEEE 12th International Conference Application of Information and Communication
10.09.2018 12. National Software Engineering Symposium
8.10.2018 Exchange Summit, Berlin
7.08.2018 Algorithms and Data Structures in Digital Age
2.07.2018 Artificial Learning at Bosphorus - İsmail Arı Summer School Sponsorship
11.05.2018 Bioinformatics Forum Sponsprship
08.05.2018 Local Transformation from R&D to Production in Industry Seminar 
18.04.2018 YTÜ BİYOGEN Club 2'nd BİYOM Conference Sponsorhip
28.03.2018 Microsoft Tech Summit, Amsterdam
31.01.2018 Academic Information Technologies Conference
20.02.2018 Bioinformatics Big Data Archiving and Processing Technics
23.01.2018 TESİD Award Ceremony
6-9.12.2017 Turkey Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week, İstanbul
5-7.10.2017 International Computer Science and Engineering Conference (UBMK) 2017, Akdeniz University, Antalya
22.09.2017 11th IEEE International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies AICT2017, Russia
05.09.2017 12th International Symposium Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AAIA'17), Czech Republic
11-15.06.2017 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing ICAISC 2017, Poland
31.05.2017 -2.06.2017 Pragmatics of Negation‑Aspects of Communication Conference, Stockholm
30.11.2016 ICTurkey 2016 International Brokerage Event, İstanbul
25.11.2016 Private Integrators Summit - The new developments in e-Invoice, e-Ledger and e-Archive
13.10.2016 AICT 2016-Application of Information and Communication Technologies, Baku
22.09.2016 Celtic-Plus Proposers’ Day, Istanbul
17.09.2016 IDAP 2016, Malatya
05.09.2016 UYMK-National Software Engineering Conference, Canakkale
19.07.2016 Commercialization of R&D Projects Symposium, Istanbul
07.06.2016 R&D Good Practices Conference, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology
26.05.2016 Access to Risk Finance Event: New tools for funding SMEs Innovation, Istanbul
24.05.2016 6676 New R&D Legislation Seminar
30.01.2016 AB (Academic IT) 2016, Aydin
14.01.2016 Horizon 2020 Project Proposal Writing Training, Istanbul
11.01.2016 Horizon 2020 Info and Communication Technologies Seminar, Istanbul
09.09.2015 UYMS 2015, Izmir
31.07.2015 Avea Inspiring Talks
29.06.2015 Celtic Plus Proposals Day, Paris, France
17.06.2015 R&D Centers Performance Index Meeting
04.06.2015 Advanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention Workshop 2015, AIDP 2015
03.06.2015 ISIE 2015, Brazil
01.06.2015 İsmail Arı The Best Dissertation Presentation and Award Ceremony 2015-2
15.05.2015 ICENS 2015, Macedonia
04.05.2015 Microsoft Ignite 2015 Chicago
31.03.2015 R&D Centers Communication and Collaboration Platform Meeting
10.03.2015 Boğaziçi University Computer Engineering Graduate Seminar, Istanbul
06.03.2015 jQuery UK 2015, Oxford
04.02.2015 Academic Informatics Conference, 2015, Eskisehir
02.02.2015 BOUN ACM Algorithm Camp
27.01.2015 13th TESİD ( Turkish Association of Electronic Industrialists) Innovativeness and Creativity Awards, 2015
12.01.2015 İsmail Arı The Best Dissertation Presentation and Award Ceremony 2015
11.12.2014 3rd Private Sector R&D Center Summit Fikri Işık, Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology
19.11.2014 Software Sector Workshop, Ankara
19.11.2014 EUREKA Innovation Event, Swiss Basel
07.11.2014 Korean-Turkish Workshop, Istanbul Consul General of Korea, ETRI
07.11.2014 TBD 31. National IT Assembly, Ankara
04.11.2014 Bogazici University CMPE579 Graduate Seminar, Istanbul Melih Evren Buruş, Ünsal Gökdağ
18.10.2014 ISCTurkey 2014, Siber Güvenlik ve Savunma Farkındalık Eğitimi, Istanbul Dr. Uraz Yavanoğlu
17.09.2014 ICIVC 2014, France
08.09.2014 UYMS 2014, Cyprus
12.08.2014 ICAT 2014, Antalya
04.06.2014 PMP Training, Istanbul Dinçer Özturan
05.06.2014 Horizon 2020 Turkey Launch Event, Istanbul
29.04.2014 SIU 2014, Trabzon
16.4.2014 BOUN Industrial Engineering Seminar, Istanbul
04.04.2014 TS 13298 Electronic Document Management Standard Training, Istanbul Mustafa Yılmaz (TSE)
04.3.2014 Kocaeli R&D Centers Performance Assesment and TTO Collaboration Workshop, Sapanca Fikri Işık, Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology
27.02.2014 Design and Simulation of Communication and Radar Systems, Istanbul Dr. Nick Zayed
18.02.2014 The America Invents Act: Initial Observations And Practice Tips Regarding The New U.S. Patent Law & Recent Changes In Patent Law As It Applies to Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies, Istanbul Forrester J. Liddle, Ph.D., J.D. Boston, MA
13.02.2014 AB HORIZON 2020 Program Advanced Level Training and Information Day, Kemerburgaz University, Istanbul
05.02.2014 Akademik Bilişim 2014, Mersin
03.02.2014 Patent Research and Application Training , Istanbul Melih Evren Buruş
26.11.2013 Bogazici University CMPE579 Graduate Seminar, Istanbul Cüneyt Öksüz
05.11.2013 Motorola APPForum 2013, Berlin
23.10.2013 International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies, AICT'13, Baku Hakan Kutluay
01.10.2013 TÜBİTAK Horizon 2020 Program
22.09.2013 Oracle Open World 2013, San Fransisco
28.05.2013 ICT Smart Update’13, Istanbul Bahadır Onay
06.04.2013 4th CSW'13 Computer Student Workshop Enver F. Akgün, Hakan Kutluay


Date Event
04.02.2015-06.02.2015 Academic IT '15
02.02.2015-08.02.2015 Boun Algorithm Camp
06.04.2013 Computer Science Student Workshop CSW'13


Date Training
December 2014 Secure Document Management Systems
November 2014 An antenna-coupled split-ring resonator for biosensing
September 2014 Ambient Assisted Living and other Research Activities in the Wireless Sensor Networks Research Group
August 2014 Interference Alignment: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
July 2014 A Series of Studies on HCI in the Internet Environment
June 2014 Semantic Web
May 2014 Evolution of Wireless Network and LTE Technical Details
April 2014 Recent Developments in Genetic
Marc 2014 Erasmus Mobility for Teaching and Training
February 2014 More Effective Turkey in International EU Projects
January 2014 NLP
December 2013 Recent Developments in Route Optimizations Technics
November 2013 Informations Security in Data Centers
October 2013 Watermarking, Face Processing and Action Recognition
September 2013 Intelligent Data Analysis
July 2013 Unknown CommonSimilarity of Internet, Brain Cancer and Twitter
June 2013 Big Data: Machine Learning, Data Mining and Applications
May 2014 Optimization and Decision Support Systems
April 2013 Recent Developments in Software Test Standards
April 2013 Recent Developments in Software Quality Standards
March 2013 Revolution in Communacations Technologies
February 2013 Recent Developments in Telecom Software Engineering