Project Name
Genius Striptest Genetic Analysis System
Mobile Reporting Platform
Mobil Data:Platform Independent Mobile Data Framework
Immerse: In-Memory Database Reporting System
VisionPlus Android
VisionPlus Dashboard
VisionPlus Pharma
VisionPlus e-Invoice
VisionPlus SaaS
VisionPlus P&L
Today: Distribution And Logistics Chain Management With Re-Optimization Method
VisionFetch: Data Collection Platform Based On Image Processing
EggSort: Early Stage Egg Classification In Hatcheries
Diarist: e-Document Processing And Printing Hardware Platform
TeraFemto: TeraHertz Femtocell For 5G Mobile Communication Networks
Sales Distribution Prediction With Data Mining Solutions
Software Based Route Management and Optimisation With Spatial Correlation Scheduling
VisionPlus e-Invoice Private Integration
e-Document Archiving Platform
VisionPlus QMS
VisionPlus Collaboration
VisionPlus e-Invoice Mesh Network Platform Project
Workflow Visualization