Publications issued from our projects

Date Article Name Conferences
15 Feb 
Production of Equivalent Regular Expressions to Decision Trees in Text Classification Academic Information Technology
15 Nov 
 A Loss-Free Compression Scheme for Term-Document Matrix based on Sorting Journal of Turkey Informatics Foundation of Computer Science and Engineering
19 Oct 
e-Government Applications in Turkey: e-Despatch Advice 12th International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies (AICT 2018)/ Kazakistan
12 Sep 
Synchronizing Different Databases for Integrated Effort Estimation in Software Projects 12'nd National Software Engineering Conference - (UYMS 2018)
10 Sep 
Development of a New Generation Sequence Analysis-Based Kit for the Rapid Diagnosis of Newborn Metabolic Diseases 12'nd National Software Engineering Conference - (UYMS 2018)
20 Aug 
Conditional Information Gain Networks International Conference On Pattern Recognation (ICPR 2018) - China
1 July 
New Issues Coming with Electronic Dispatch  Tax Issues Magazine
2 May
Genetic Algorithm Application for Egg Gender Determination Signal Processing and Communication Applications (SİU 2018)
30 Nov
Time Series Forecasting on Solar Irradiation Using Deep Learning International Conference On Electrical And Electronics Engineering, ELECO 2017
16 Oct
Fast-ID:  Super Fast  Person Identify Kit Based on STR 3'rd National Children Genetics Symposium
16 Oct
Genemetric: Genetic Biometric Recognition System Cloud Based 3'rd National Children Genetics Symposium
5 Oct. 
Benford Analysis at e-Invoice  International Computer Science and Engineering Conference (UBMK)-Antalya
5 Oct.
Compression Experiments on Term-Document Indexes International Computer Science and Engineering Conference (UBMK)-Antalya
5 Oct.
Determination of Products on Shelf: Post-Processing with Hidden Markov Model  International Computer Science and Engineering Conference (UBMK)-Antalya
5 Oct.
An Efficient Regular Expression Search Pattern Generator International Computer Science and Engineering Conference (UBMK)-Antalya
5 Oct.
Correlation Analysis of Egg Gender Determination Data International Computer Science and Engineering Conference (UBMK)-Antalya
5 Sept. 
Innovation with the use of Electronic Invoice in Custom Procedures AICT 2017
5 Sept.
A Decision Support System for Demand Forecasting based on Classifier Ensemble 12th International Symposium Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AAIA'17)
1 July
e-Invoice Process Modelling in Export Lebib Yalkın
11 June
A Framework for Business Failure Prediction International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing ICAISC 2017
31 May
A Corpus Analysis of Double Negatives in Turkish Stockholm / Pragmatics of Negation
9 Feb.
Automated Voice Recognition: Generating and Testing Generic Acoustic Model for Turkish AB 2017
9 Feb.
NoSQL Based, Oriented Internet Data Collecting Service Prototype  AB 2017
8 Feb. 2017 Customer Behaviour Analysis Based on Electronic Financial Data Academic IT

Fraud Detection on Financial Statements Using Data Mining International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Engineering (IJISAE)
24-26 Oct. 2016 Fault Tolerant Distributed System Design for e-Archive Invoice 10. National Software Engineering Symposium, UYMS’ 2016
24-26 Oct. 2016 Performance Analysis of e-Invoice Structural and Semantic Control Software 10. National Software Engineering Symposium, UYMS’ 2016
12-14 Oct. 2016 Performance Analysis of e-Archive Invoice Processing on Different Embedded Platforms AICT’ 2016
12-14 Oct. 2016 Technical and Communicational Standards of e-Invoicing-A Country Example: Turkey AICT’ 2016 AICT’ 2016
5-6 Sept. 2016 Fault Tolerant Software Architecture Applied On Embedded System Using Dual Modular Redundancy National Software Architecture Conferance, UYMK’2016
16- 19 May 2016 Planogram Check / Matching via Image Processing 24. IEEE Signal Processing and Communication Assembly, SIU 2016
12-14 April 2016 An efficient mapping algorithm on 2-D mesh Network-on-Chip with reconfigurable switches. In 11th International Conference on Design & Technology of Integrated Systems in Nanoscale Era (DTIS 2016),
30 Jan. -5 Feb. 2016 Authentic “Adat” calculation software at e-Ledger XVIII. Academic Information Technology Conf, AB 2016,
30 Jan.–5 Feb. 2016 Planogram Check / Matching via Image Processing XVIII. Academic Information Technology Conf, AB 2016,
30 Jan.–5 Feb. 2016 e-VisionPlus e-Record in Turkey & a Best Practice Academic Information Technology Conf, AB 2016,
30 Jan–5 Feb. 2016 Secure e-Document Keeping Platform XVIII. Academic Information Technology Conf, AB 2016,
1 Feb. 2016 How should be a proper invoice? Vergi Sorunları Dergisi / Journal of Tax Review
1 Feb. 2016 Robotic Audit Vergi Sorunları Dergisi / Journal of Tax Review
1 Feb. 2016 Compatibility of The Rules Of Procedure Electronic Book Vergi Sorunları Dergisi / Journal of Tax Review
1 Feb. 2016 Can a Sound Financial Analysis be Made Using the Financial Statement in the Annex of the Corporate Tax Return? Vergi Sorunları Dergisi / Journal of Tax Review

Date Article Name Conferences
14.10.2015 16.10.2015 Visual Representation of the Workflows by Using Sugiyama Algorithm AICT'15, Rusya
14.10.2015 16.10.2015 A Simple Auditing Mechanism for Financial Reports in E-Ledger Project AICT'15, Rusya
09.09.2015 11.09.2015 E-Belge Uyum Yazılımı Deneyimleri UYMS'15, İzmir
09.09.2015 11.09.2015 Kullanıcı Tarafında E-Belge Oluşturma ve Yazdırma Yazılım Deneyimleri UYMS'15, İzmir
01.07.2015 Vergi Teknolojileri Vergi Sorunları Dergisi (VSD), Issue 322, Year 38, Pages 9-41
01.07.2015 Elektronik Defter Standardı: XBRL Vergi Sorunları Dergisi (VSD), Issue 322, Year 38, Pages 71-86
01.07.2015 Dünyada E-Fatura Standartları Gelişimi, UBL ve EDI Fatura Karşılaştırması Vergi Sorunları Dergisi (VSD), Issue 322, Year 38, Pages 86-102
01.07.2015 Tecchnical Analysis of e-Ledger and e-Invoce: A Sample Application Vergi Sorunları Dergisi (VSD), Issue 322, Year 38, Pages 102-110
03.06.2015 05.06.2015 A Retail Demand Forecasting Model on Data Mining Techniques ISIE'15, Brazil
15.05.2015 19.05.2015 e-Invoicing in Turkey and a Software -AS-A- Service Solution ICENS'15, Macedonia
01.04.2015 Current Problems and Solution Offers in the e-Invoice Application Vergi Sorunları Dergisi, Issue 319, April 2015, ISSN: 1300-89510-1
01.04.2015 What Has Changed and What Will Be Changed With e-Ledger? ? Yaklaşım Dergisi, Issue 268, Pages 396-411, April 2015, ISSN: 1303-4855
04.02.2015 06.02.2015 A Denormalization Framework for Reporting Applications in Main Memory Databases AB'15
04.02.2015 06.02.2015 The Visual Presentation of the Workflows Belonging to Processes in an Optimal Manner AB'15
04.02.2015 06.02.2015 e-Ledger Financial Reporting Software and Adversities AB'15
04.02.2015 06.02.2015 e-Invoice Application in Turkey and Europe AB'15
01.12.2014 What Should Be Paid Attention to When Switching to e-Ledger Vergi Sorunları Dergisi, Issue 315, December 2014, ISSN: 1300-89510-1
07.11.2014 Improvement Experiences in e-Ledger Trial Balance Report Application 31. Ulusal Bilişim ( 31th International Informatics )
15.10.2014 17.10.2014 An Application Framework for Scheduling Optimization Problems AICT'14 Kazakhstan
17.09.2014 18.09.2014 Toward Retail Product Recognition on Grocery Shelves ICIVC’14 Paris
08.09.2014 10.09.2014 In-Memory Database Usage in Enterprise Reporting Solutions UYMS'14 Cyprus
08.09.2014 10.09.2014 Multi Element Financial Reporting Development Experience in e-Ledger Practice UYMS'14 Cyprus
12.08.2014 15.08.2014 An Adaptive Clustering Methodology for Capacitated Vehicle Routing ICAT'14 Antalya
23.04.2014 25.04.2014 Product placement detection based on image processing SIU'14 Trabzon
05.02.2014 07.02.2014 Rotation and Scale Proof Object Recognition for Market Shelves AB'14 Mersin
28.11.2013 29.11.2013 Automated Software Testing by Mutation Analysis and Genetic Algorithm 30. Bilişim Kurultayı (30th Informatics Assembly)
23.10.2013 25.10.2013 A study for Performance Comparison of Different In-Memory Databases AICT'13, Azerbaijan
25.09.2013 27.09.2013 Integer Programming Formulations For Salesforce Routing ÜAS'13, Sakarya
03.07.2013 05.07.2013 Effect of Channel Conditions on Inventory Database Update in Supply Chains BlackSeaCom'13, Georgia
03.07.2013 05.07.2013 A Traffic-Aware Controller Design for Next Generation Software Defined Networks BlackSeaCom'13, Georgia

Other publications supported by Idea Ar-Ge Center

Date Article Name Conferences
21.04.2015 23.04.2015 ** Energy Efficiency in Cognitive Radio Networks: Challenges, Trade-offs, and Solutions CrownCom'15, Doha-Katar
01.07.2014 03.07.2014 On Geographic Coordinates of PlanetLab Europe TSP'14 Berlin
12.08.2014 15.08.2014 A Survey of Tensor Factorization Methods for Audio Modelling ICAT'14 Antalya
22.10.2014 ** PFMAP: An Efficient Mapping Method for Network on Chips (NoC) TVLSI'14
06.04.2013 * Speaker Anonymization via voice conversation CSW'13
04.09.2013 06.09.2013 ** Efficient Implementations of Multi-pumped Multi-port Register Files in FPGAs 16th EUROMICRO Conf. Spain
01.03.2012 ** An Efficient Self-Reconfiguration Core for Run-time Reconfigurable FPGA Interconnects JSA'12
20.06.2011 22.06.2011 ** A Self-Reconfigurable Platform for General Purpose Image Processing Systems on Low-Cost Spartan-6 FPGAs ReCoSoc 2011, France
04.11.2010 05.11.2010 ** Gömülü Çoklu İşlemcili Sistemlerde Yeniden Betimlenebilir Haberleşme Protokolleri GÖMSİS 2010, İstanbul
22.06.2008 25.06.2008 ** Self-Reconfiguration on Spartan-III FPGAs with Compressed Partial Bitstreams via a Parallel Configuration Access Port (cPCAP) Core PRIME 2008, İstanbul
27.01.2008 29.01.2008 ** Dynamic Partial Self-Reconfiguration on Spartan-III FPGAs via a Parallel Configuration Access Port (PCAP) HIPEAC 2008, Goteborg
18.06.2007 20.06.2007 ** Exploitation of Run-Time Partial Reconfiguration for Dynamic Power Management in Xilinx Spartan III-based Systems ReCoSoc 2007, France