Business Process Consultancy

It is very important to take project management service and consultancy service for the operational success of the software projects on time and according to determined budget . Within the context of consultancy services, solutions that also consider future requirements are offered by keeping the view on present problems and present requirements are offered with all alternatives. The most important quality setting criteria is that the customer should feel that his business and sector are understood completely by the service provider. Idea Teknoloji creates an important added value by reflecting its actual life applications in many different sectors and the good business applications that it developed from these applications to its projects.

Idea Teknoloji also offers technological infrastructure consultancy about information technologies apart from process-oriented consultancy that it ensured it to its customers' business processes. Technological infrastructure consultancy services are carried out under the subjects of information technologies architecture, application and operation. Technological infrastructure consultancy is the services that are given aiming application and development of infrastructure solution by profiting from the information of the latest technologies, by considering project plan and analyzing the present infrastructure problems ideally.