Development Services


Idea Teknoloji introduces solutions for integration because of its benefits and the convenience of unification of all of the work applications with the accounting or ERP packets that the customers have.

It provides system integration of the Idea software or other software, which are developed by the customers, with different finance or ERP (SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, QAD, Baan, etc.) solutions.

In the field of integration, the international ERP applications that Idea Teknoloji team is currently experienced are given below:

  • SAP
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • QAD (MFG Pro)
  • Baan

Apart from the international ERP applications, integration with the local accounting or ERP applications is also ensured.

Application Development and Adaptation

Idea Teknoloji introduces adaptation services in the environment of the customers for its application packages. Adaptation service includes particular development of the progress specific for the sector or process special for the customer.

Besides the adaptation services, Idea Teknoloji also provides application developments specific for customer needs. By defining customer demands and needs; requirement analysis, technical design and infrastructure design are provided with project management services and Idea Teknoloji software development quality process and application development services are introduced. Methods, tools and technical use are selected and applied by combining technological experience and accumulated sectoral knowledge.

Idea Teknoloji introduces point to point solutions towards all kinds of demands and needs about integration of application development in various platforms, .NET being the main platform, and applications in different systems.

With application development services, web-based work applications specific for your needs and .NET, JAVA and C++ based mobile applications are introduced. Besides, Idea Teknoloji with its experience in central operation of operational software introduces application development services to its customers for centralizing their structures with distributed architecture.

External Source Provision

Idea Teknoloji provide external source service in the operation, application, maintenance and support phases of the solutions it introduces. In external source provision services, quality service and a customer oriented approach is offered. As solution and service quality increases, ease in the application process and continuous satisfaction is provided.

Services introduced in this scope are;

  • Provision of software specialist
  • Provision of database specialist
  • Provision of Support specialist
  • Provision of field service

By external source provision services;

  • Service is provided in accordance with work strategy and goals and internal/external user demands.
  • Source use decreases and source efficiency increases.
  • Unnecessary work losses disappears.
  • Time planning becomes easy.
  • Usability, reliability and security of critically important services improve.
  • Roles and responsibilities are defined and communication problems are avoided.
  • Application-specific experiences become beneficial.

Data Warehouse Development

Data Warehouse Development is the service of modeling the data warehouse where data collected from various operational system sources which are in use in the institution are inquired and the analysis can be used especially in prediction. Data warehouse integrates strategic information and provides data integrity and easy access to knowledge.

Solutions for data warehouse development services are implemented with Oracle platform technologies. To produce the most convenient solution, by doing scope analysis and studying the data structure of the operational applications within the scope, Idea Teknoloji, under the scope of data warehouse development services, realizes the most suitable and convenient data modeling in a customized fashion. After data modeling, by data integration, conversion and cleansing (ETL) development, cleansing of strategically unimportant data and singularization of multiple-entered data is ensured.

Oracle BI Suite is recommended as a solution for institutional reporting and analysis which will be needed after the creation of data warehouse and development of necessary data integration structures.

Differences of Oracle BI from the other BI tools;

  • Oracle BI is more easily applied and has rich graphics.
  • Because it includes portal structure, users can develop personal dashboards and they can share it.
  • Because the formed SQLs are optimized according to the each database structure, they are not much overload to the system.
  • With caching property, similar inquiries are replied without entering to the database.
  • It provides continuous and direct connection possibility to ROLAP (relational on-line analytical processing) cubes with the relational database in the data mining framework.
  • In parallel data reading, it is not necessary for the data source structures that are accessed to be the same. Opposed other BI tools, it can process homogenous data types at the same time.
  • It allows easy adaptation of users because of the reduction of report preparation time and with its easy to use character.
  • Data from different sources can be combined in a single model. User can access different environments and use data with one login.
  • Report data can be distributed to various environments in various formats.
  • Licensing is priced differently in each user layer (end-user, developer user, admin-user, interactive-user, power-user etc.)