Compliance Analysis

It informs companies to take due precautions about probable tax risks within the scope of e-Invoice/e-Archive Invoice/e-Ledger/e-Ticket/ VisionPlus e-Record /New Generation Cash Register applications especially during the first and/or subsequent stages of the applications. On the other hand it also carries out works to see whether the electronic taxational applications meet the technical requirements and to perform this throughout the protection and submission period of the aforementioned electronic documents.

  • Is e-Invoice compatible with the date of dispatch note?
  • Were all the issued e-invoices transferred to the e-Ledger accurately and timely?
  • Were all the e-Invoices reflected on the relevant period VAT returns?
  • How am I going to submit the documents I have prepared to the relevant public and private sector organizations (inspectors, tax offices, courts, auditors etc.)?
  • How can I prepare the lists of discount/underwriting/sales invoices served as a basis for VAT refunds with reference to the received and sent e-invoices?