Infrastructure Implementation Services

Oracle Maintenance, Version Upgrade ve Performance Analyze Services

Quick modifications in the technological infrastructure and functions that come with new versions of Oracle database or Oracle products creates the need of version upgrade. With the decision of version upgrade, a version upgrade project application in which the stand by duration of the operational systems will be aimed minimum. For this reason, version upgrade projects should be fast and faultless as much as possible . This fastness can be reached by experience and knowledge. Idea Teknoloji guarantees to carry out the Oracle database version upgrade projects without any problem by its certificated professionals who are expert in Oracle technologies.

Beyond the version upgrade projects, an extensive transition plan is offered by analyzing present infrastructure. With this plan, a possible and cautionary backup plan is offered because of the unforeseeable problems that can be encountered.

The method which is followed in the projects of Oracle database version upgrade is like this: First, present configurations are moved to new version and after this database performance developments are done by using technical opportunities of new version and new release.

Apart from release upgrade service, performance analyze, database consultancy services and maintenance of Oracle database products can be provided by Idea Teknoloji.

Application and Creating High Continuity and Disaster Management Plan

High continuity and disaster plans are became a business requirement to ensure continuity of business of corporate and to keep produced data. Idea Teknoloji offers solutions in high continuity and disaster management applications by Oracle technologies.

In the subject of high continuity, solutions are produced using Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC). Oracle RAC is an option offered for Oracle Database10g Enterprise Edition. Oracle RAC supports the deployment of a single database across a cluster of servers-providing unbeatable fault tolerance, performance and scalability with no application changes necessary. Installation of database in Oracle RAC's structure is done by certificated. After the installation of Oracle RAC, improvement of database performance is made. The transition of your operation's present systems to Oracle RAC structure is only possible by high continuity and disaster management application services.

By Disaster Management Plan Creating and Application service, first of all, corporeity recovery and back up strategies are created. Periodic back up configuration is prepared that is suitable to back up system of the corporation. In case of a fault, by returning back from the back up, it is possible to recover data and open the database to users. With back up and recovery plans, for the disaster situations such as fire, flood and earthquake, solutions are produced by using Oracle Data Guard. Oracle Data Guard is an option that is offered for Oracle Database10g Enterprise Edition. Oracle Data Guard is the management, monitoring, and automation software infrastructure that creates, maintains, and monitors one or more standby databases to protect enterprise data from failures, disasters, errors, and corruptions. Oracle Data Guard maintains these standby databases as synchronized copies of the production database. These standby databases can be located at remote disaster recovery sites thousands of miles away from the production data center, or they may be located in the same city, same campus, or even in the same building. If the production database becomes unavailable because of a planned or an unplanned outage, Data Guard can switch any standby database to the production role, thus minimizing the downtime associated with the outage, and preventing any data loss. Oracle Data Guard installations are done by certificated Idea Teknoloji professionals.