VisionPlus Corporate Hosting Services

VisionPlus Corporate Hosting Services, with VisionPlus solution, includes hardware, maintenance, back up and update services. These services are provided by Idea Teknoloji. Our customers prevent idle investments since investments made derive as benefits of the systems within the context of services. Our customers need not to use sources about management of system infrastructures as the VisionPlus application solution management and operation are completely done by Idea Teknoloji.

Idea Teknoloji offers a non-stop/accessible and secured structure with strong service opportunities for VisionPlus application solution. This solution allows access on Internet and processes to be performed well through VisionPlus Corporate Hosting Services. Our customers will decrease the total possession cost by decreasing operational expenses of VisionPlus solution that they bought as service before they go ahead for the first investment with VisionPlus Corporate Hosting Services.

VisionPlus Corporate Hosting Services are offered at Idea Teknoloji datacenters under the control of technical professionals for 7/24 hours. The systems that are used in Datacenter infrastructure are;

  • Fire Alarm and Automatic Fire Extinction System
  • Flood Detector
  • Auxiliary Air Conditioner System
  • UPS and Generator Infrastructure
  • Entrance-Exit Control System
  • 24 hours Physical Security
  • Thief Alarm
  • 7/24 monitoring
  • Firewall
  • TT spare line
  • Service Desk
  • Regular maintenance service