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VisionPlus e-Invoice

VisionPlus e-Invoice is a solution intended for corporations which have e-Invoice obligation. Invoices issued in the electronic environment via VisionPlus e-Invoice are stamped electronically with a financial stamp and then transferred to GIB e-Invoice system.

Thanks to its powerful integration infrastructure, VisionPlus e-Invoice can be integrated with SAP, Oracle e-Business Suite, JD Edwards and similar ERP applications and Logo, Netsis and similar finance packages.

VisionPlus e-Invoice application, which also has HSM device support for corporations issuing invoice at high numbers, offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for e-Invoice issues together with high availability and disaster recovery options offered by Idea Teknoloji.


    Pak Gıda

    The fact that Idea Technoloji is the first exclusive e-Invoice integrator approved by the Revenue Administration was an important factor for us to prefer Idea Teknoloji. Their professional approach which we witnessed at the meetings also had an effect on our preference. We experienced an easy changeover period thanks to their qualified technical teams, documentation support and the mutual meetings held when needed. The system offered is user-friendly and easy to use. We quickly receive answers to our questions. We can get support as earliest as possible when needed. We are very pleased with the VisionPlus e-Invoice and e-Ledger applications. We highly recommend these applications to other institutions.

    Engin Doğan
    Accounting Manager


    Kale Nobel

    Idea Technoloji was the most serious and corporate company among other integrators we got in touch during the decision process. We didn’t have any problems in changeover to e-Invoice and e-Ledger applications. The system offered is extremely easy and practical. I recommend VisionPlus system to those who are in search of exclusive integrators for e-Invoice and e-Ledger applications.

    H.Gültekin Acuner
    Accounting Manager


    Buga Otis Asansör Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

    We preferred İdea Teknoloji as our special integrator due to their customer oriented approach, high service quality, strong infrastructure and quick support processes. We received a professional service in the process of transition to e-Invoice application. VisionPlus e-Invoice application offered by İdea Teknoloji is a continuously developing system. It is very easy to use and convenient. I recommend İdea Teknoloji to companies which are in search for a special integrator for e-Invoice.

    Uygar Bal


    Corio Türkiye

    As Corio Turkey, we are using VisionPlus e-Invoice application of İdea Teknoloji in all 3 of our companies. İdea Teknoloji worked in coordination with our IT team with its professional staff and solution-orinted approach in the process of transition to e-Invoice application. They provided us support for providing the required solutions although the ERP software we use for invoicing is different. İdea Teknoloji, bu yaklaşımlarıyla sadece var olan programı satan bir şirketten farklı olduğunu ispatladı. They were able to maintain customer satisfaction at the top level with their support services even after the implementation of e-Invoice system in our company. I recommend İdea Teknoloji to corporations which are in search for a special integrator to receive e-Invoice service.

    Erkan Turaç
    Accounting Manager


    Fleetcorp Türkiye

    We preferred İdea Teknoloji as our special integrator due to their professional competences and experience they have in that field of business and their technical background. I consider that we received a consistent support service for the prompt solution of the problems that arose. I recommend İdea Teknoloji to corporations which are in search for a Special Integrator for e-Invoice.

    Caner Çakmak
    Financial Control Manager



    Solution for any kind of problem we experienced in the test environment was offered by İdea Teknoloji within a reasonable period. We did not encounter any unexpected issue when the live system was commissioned. We are using web service for ERP integration and İdea Teknoloji’s portal for our manual tasks. Both sides are developing continuously. No objection was made to any opinion we provided to our project manager until now. Any opinion is regarded affirmatively and substantial solutions are provided. Service offered by the support center is excellent. Every question has an answer and this answer is provided in a very short time. I strongly recommend İdea Teknoloji to other companies. Our business relation which was commenced as an obligation is now going on with two new contracts. Since we are highly satisfied with the service we received we also started to receive e-Ledger and e-Archive service from İdea Teknoloji.

    Berk Kızılkaya
    IT Specialist


    Hobi Kozmetik

    We preferred İdea Teknoloji since they were the first special e-Invoice integrator company in Turkey. We were included in e-Invoice process after 01/04/2014. We are a SAP user. İdea team responded our problems and improvement requests despite the intensity in the beginning of the process. Time of finding solutions to the problems became shorter while the system became more adapted. Support team is very meticulous. Steps are taken to provide solution in the same day. System provides guidance and its very useful. We generate reports in the course of time to provide a more efficient use. We are satisfied to work with İdea Teknoloji. We recommend İdea Teknoloji to other companies.

    Nursel AKSOY
    Accounting Manager


    İzocam A.Ş

    First of all, we are a company which respects the corporate identity of the companies we work together. Also, technical support quality and competence of the company to provide solutions is very important to us. Among important factors in our decision making process were İdea Technology being the first e-Invoice special integrator and having the required certificates to provide these applications. We completed the our process of transition to e-Invoice without any problem thanks to İdea Teknoloji. İdea Teknoloji was able to keep customer satisfaction at the top level in this process. Use of the portal offered by İdea Teknoloji as a special integrator is easy to use. We experienced a quick adaptation process following the training received by our users. I recommend İdea Teknoloji to companies which want to use e-Invoice application without any doubt.

    Nejdet Avcı
    IT Manager


    Schindler Türkeli Asansör Sanayi A.Ş.

    Being a corporate company and providing significant references were the most effective reasons for us to prefer İdea Teknoloji. Transition to e-Invoice application was realized without problems. Training was provided to our entire staff that is included in the process. I consider that İdea Technology assumes responsibility in terms of system use and provision of support. Opened tickets are finalized quickly in the shortest possible time. I strongly recommend İdea Teknoloji to corporations which are in search of a special integrator.

    Pınar Dinçkök
    Accounting Manager



    We were acquainted with İdea Teknoloji with the suggestion of our consultant company. Our transition to e-Invoice process was completed quickly and easily. VisionPlus software they provide is very easy to understand and use. We are extremely satisfied with the support that was provided.

    Özgür Balcı
    Assistant Finance Manager

Visionplus e-Invoice Solution Technical Specifications
  • UBL Conversion

    Conversion of users’ invoicing application to UBL is ensured with an interlayer solution without requiring development of XML, EXCEL, TXT, CSV outputs.

    You can make the integration process more convenient with VisionPlus UBL Virtual Printer driver.

    Integration interfaces which can be used without requiring any change in invoicing application are offered.

    Basically, all outputs are converted into XML format and UBL conversion is ensured without modifying the original document using XSLT technology.

    Usage commences quickly upon submittal of the template to be used in UBL conversion in the same day.

  • Integration Capabilities

    Ensures that service infrastructure and VisionPlus e-Invoice application functions are operated through the invoicing system that is used.

    It is possible to facilitate audit functions and to ensure cross-reporting with the integrated functions that can be developed by the in-house software team by using the provided web services.

    Methods provided with web services:

    e-Invoice Registered User Query

    Sent e-Invoice Status Query

    Received e-Invoice Status Query

    Invoice Loading

  • Dynamic Workflow Management

    It is possible to produce acceptance/refusal responses for e-Invoice documents according to the authorization level and role using dynamic work flow management.

    Decision is made by comparing the information contained in e-Invoice document and the conditions indicated in the workflow, at each step for the rules indicated in received invoice workflow. With such comparison, it is possible to generate acceptance or refusal response of e-Invoice document with different approval flows by using a determined tax identity number list, invoice amount range or invoice type.

  • Flexible and Easy Reporting

    Standard indicator panels which ensure monitoring of the system functioning are offered under 3 main headings.

    Basic Reports
    Approved Received Invoices,
    Received Invoices Pending Response,
    Invoices Not Responded for 7 Days+,
    Received Invoices with Refusal Response
    Invoices waiting for approval from customer
    Approved invoices

    System Control Reports
    Customers Added/Removed From the List
    Customers with no Defined Mailbox
    Submitted Invoices Responded with Error
    Application Responses Responded with Error
    Invoices Pending Submittal for 30 mins
    Application Responses not Submitted for 30 mins

    Indicator Reports
    Weekly Submitted Invoice Amounts
    Weekly Received Invoice Amounts
    Weekly Submitted Invoice Numbers
    Weekly Received Invoice Numbers

  • e-Invoice Uploading

    Submittal and archiving of invoices in UBL format created by invoicing application are ensured.

    Users are able to upload their invoices to the system collectively using e-Invoice upload function.

    Users may sign the invoices in UBL format with their own financial seals or may also use financial seal of İdea Teknoloji Çözümleri.

    Data obtained from e-Invoice loading function are stored as they are received and recorded with time information and compared with the submitted invoice.

  • Record History

    All records in VisionPlus e-Invoice application can be kept in record history together with time and user details and reported.

    Incoming and outbound envelope contents in addition to e-Invoice documents can be stored together and reported from the archive.

    All flow steps from the time of document creation until receipt of system response are stored in record history with time information.

  • e-Mail Alert Mechanisms

    It is possible to send to e-Mail to specified users for notification purposes with regard to any step concerning e-Invoice processes.

    It is possible to submit the invoice as e-Mail attachment to the specified users automatically, in received e-Invoice process.

    It is possible to notify the respective users on commercial invoices responded with refusal using e-Mail alert mechanisms.

    It is possible to submit the reports issued as standard, to the users in regular intervals via e-Mail.

  • e-Invoice Archive Query

    Archive query is possible for received e-Invoice, submitted e-Invoice, received envelopes, submitted envelopes and application responses.

    Relationship of all electronic documents processed through the system can be viewed on the archive. For instance, when a received e-Invoice document is analyzed, it is possible to view the envelope it is sent in and the application response sent for the received e-Invoice and to access such in the archive quickly.

    While it is possible to perform search in the archive using date range on the archive, Tax ID No/TR. ID. No., commercial title, amount etc. information it is also possible to access the archive with envelope number, invoice number etc.

  • Automatic Signing

    It is possible to operate e-Invoice processes easily and quickly by using automatic signing option with financial seal of İdea Teknoloji Çözümleri.

    Automatic signing function allows processing either at the time that user uploads the invoice or at specified timeframes.