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VisionPlus e-Dispatch

One of Turkey's first e-Dispatch solutions developed by Idea Teknoloji Cozumleri.

A service for companies using e-Dispatch that fulfills all the requirements of the legislation and is continuously developed in parallel with the changes.

It also brings the functions and benefits that make a great contribution to the operational effectiveness of the companies.

What is e-Dispatch?

e-Dispatch is an electronic document which includes the creation of the document containing the information to be included in the paper dispatch note in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law, the transmission to the recipient, the storage and the presentation of the document. It has the same legal qualities as the paper-form “dispatch note” which it replaces.

Who can use e-Dispatch?

e-Invoice taxpayers ** may use the e-Dispatch "if they wish" from 1 January 2018.

* Delivery Notes are within the scope of the e-Dispatch.
**All e-Invoice taxpayers who send or receive delivery notes may use e-Dispatch. These taxpayers must be present in the e-Dispatch system in order to receive the e-Dispatches sent to them.

How is used?

Taxpayers are required to use e-Dispatch in the same way they use the e-Invoice application;

  • Via the Revenue Administration (GIB) Portal,
  • Via Private Integrator,
  • With IT System Integration

Taxpayers who have switched to e-Dispatch issue e-Dispatch for registered taxpayers.

They issue a Dispatch Note, consignment invoice or e-Archive Invoice for non-registered taxpayers.

How does it work?

e-Dispatch is delivered to the buyer via Revenue Administration.

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