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VisionPlus e-Z Report

VisionPlus e-Z Report is CR Earnings Report Tax Office Notification Application developed by Idea Teknoloji Cozumleri, Turkey's first e-Invoice private integrator.

VisionPlus e-Z Report, is a service for companies using new and old generation CR* that fulfills all the requirements of the CR Earnings Report Notification​ legislation and is continuously developed in parallel with the changes.

*The Z Report can be sent through VisionPlus e-Z Report for the new generation CR devices. To do that, Taxpayers are first required to obtain permission from the Tax Office by presenting the report taken from the TSM with the technical causes.

What is CR* Earnings Report Notification (e-Z Report)?

Notification of information related to sales in retail and service fulfillment – financial information of the CR end of day (Z) Reports - to the Revenue Administration in an electronic environment, in accordance with the General Communiqué No. 483 of the Tax Procedure Law.

Notifications can be performed via the e-Archive Private Integrator, CR TSM** Centres or the RA Internet Tax Office.

*CR: Cash Register

**TSM: Trusted Service Manager

Who is under obligation?

Taxpayers* who want to keep using their old generation CRs are required to submit a CR Earnings Report Notification, from January 1, 2019.

*With Communiqué numbered 483, taxpayers who have to use a CR and are still enabled to use their old generation CRs until their financial memory becomes full.

Exceptions: Those required to use a CR according to Law number 3100 and relevant legislation, and still using portable EFT-POS devices in their transactions.

Taxpayers who are providing a roadside park service and are required to use the new generation CR with the EFT-POS features instead of the portable EFT-POS devices.

Who can provide the CR Earning Reports Notification service?

Private Integrators that provide the e-Archive service and CR TSM Centres.

Private Integrators that provide CR Earning Reports Notification service are required to submit an information processing substructure that enables the preparation of CR Earning Reports in an electronic environment which is in line with the defined standards, and to transmit these to the RA.

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