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VisionPlus VerDE

VisionPlus VerDE is a software that allows companies to audit their e-Ledgers themselves before a tax audit or before they are approved by the Revenue Administration (GIB).

With this software, users can control their e-Ledgers automatically within minutes by just pushing one click.

Minimizing tax and acocunting risks that companies may face before an e-Ledger certificate collection or after a tax audit; VisionPlus VerDE prevents additional tax and penalty fines.

Purpose of VerDE

Taxpayers who have to keep e-Ledgers must generate their ledgers monthly and have their e-ledger certificates approved by GIB until the end of the third following month.

When paper ledgers are kept, companies usually print the ledgers on paper after the year is closed; and when they have to make a change in accounting records they could make any change before the Ledgers are printed on paper.

But after e-Ledger application took effect, it became impossible to make subsequent changes in e-ledgers whose certificates are already approved by GIB. This situation requires taxpayers and accountants to be more careful in creating e-Ledgers. Therefore before e-Ledgers are prepared, it is very important to have Ledgers undergo a tax, accounting and technical audit through VisionPlus VerDE.

Usage by audit companies

Certified public accountants (CPA), financial advisors and other auditors with e-Ledger clients can perform a preliminary control through VisionPlus VerDE - before they begin to audit e-Ledgers of their clients - and detect mistakes, missing points and errors in the Ledgers and thus save time and energy. The program reports risky points to auditor in the light of relevant legislation provisions. Also with instantly produced financial analysis status tools, it allows them to have a comprehensive idea on economic and financial profile of the company.

Preliminary audit before tax audit

VerDE also allows for control of Ledgers before they are submitted to a tax inspector with the purpose of tax audit, and identifies and reports the existing errors, mistakes and missing points in the e-Ledger. Thanks to this report, companies find the opportunity to see their own mistakes and correct them before they are detected by a tax inspector. Therefore companies avoid a possible additional tax or penalty fine.

Scope of the audits performed by the program

VerDE prepared within the framework of Tax Legislation, Accounting System Application Communiques and e-Ledger Technical Guides automatically performs the minimum audits on taxpayers’ e-Ledgers and prepares a preliminary audit report.

Scope of the audits performed by the program is as follows:

  • Adherence to tax legislation,
  • Adherence to accounting rules,
  • Making use of tax exemptions,
  • Performance of the obligations about capital and dividend distribution imposed by the Turkish Commercial Code,
  • Technical analyses that are included in e-Ledger technical guides and that cannot be controlled by e-Ledger compatible software programs,
  • Consistency tests between accounts,
  • Analytic calculations,
  • Transactions between accounts,

VerDE also warns the users, as regard to places and types of their errors, with “warning” items for each error item and explains reason of the error in the light of relevant legislation and/or Uniform Chart of Accounts.

The rules in the VerDE are constantly renewed and enriched according to user feedback.

Financial Status Analysis Tools

With a very clear and plain interface, the program graphically reports the company’s all economic and financial analyses over trial balance, balance sheet and income statement which it formed based on the e-Ledger data.

Who can use VerDE?

The program can be used not only by clients who get e-Ledger service from Idea Technology Solutions; but also by other companies having an e-Ledger application.

Besides the program is designed in a way that can be used by all audit companies and by certified public accountants and financial advisors in particular.

Integration skills

The platform can make reporting by downloading e-Ledger data in XBRL format independently. With web-based VisionPlus VerDE, there is no need to download any application to the user’s computer. The reports can be viewed on PCs, tablets or mobile phones. VerDE access to reports and Ledgers is provided thanks to a system called two-step security verification.

Report archiving and examining

If the user wants, he/she can report the reports created by the program, and call back and examine them whenever he/she likes.

Characteristics of VerDE

  • VerDE complies with all e-Ledger software programs.
  • VerDE is run monthly.
  • VerDE is run before or after e-Ledger is generated.
  • VerDE is run automatically by just pushing one click.
  • VerDE visually offers several data to the user. If you want you can create your own reports by using drag-and-drop technology.
  • Report and analysis results generated by the program are such clear, understandable and easily interpretable results that will not require an expert opinion.

Report running

Although depending on the size of the data; trial balance, balance sheet, income statement and financial status analysis graphics for the relevant period as well as an audit report over e-Ledger can be created automatically within a very short time by just pushing one key.