e-Government Solutions

Idea Teknoloji present e-Government Solutions for the companies in order to respond their demands on e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive Invoice, VisionPlus e-Record, e-Ticket, e-Dispatch which is compatible with digital transformation in tax executed by the state.

Idea Teknoloji, leading the way for many firsts in terms of e-Government Solutions, is the first e-Invoice integrator approved by the Revenue Administration, first producer of platform independent e-Ledger solution and the first private integrator that received the approval for providing e-Archive Invoice Service.

Idea Teknoloji also has developed VisionPlus VerDE/ e-Ledger Digital Audit solution which is the first "e-Ledger Tax, Account and Technical Auditing Program" of Turkey. VisionPlus VerDE provides the companies with the opportunity to audit their e-Ledgers on their own. The application has been designed in a way to be used also by sworn public accountants and public accountants in financial audits of their e-Ledger and e-Invoice customers.

VisionPlus e-Government Solutions developed by Idea R&D Center are fast and practical solutions facilitating the business processes which can be used safely by the operations.