Operational Business Applications

VisionPlus Operational Business Applications developed by Idea R&D Center provide an effective management of all processes from production phase through the moment when products are delivered to consumers.

With its integrated structure and strong mobile application features; VisionPlus Operational Business Applications improve visibility and control of sales-distribution operations, and increase productivity and effectiveness of sales representatives.

With this application, organizations are able to manage their relations with all other parties through strategies derived from real time data. Thus, the ecosystem consisting of consumers, end users, sales points, business partners, dealers, distributors, suppliers and headquarter is controlled with information and the business run in a more efficient way.

Seamless integration with the existing decision support systems (ERP, CRM etc.) is another prominent feature of VisionPlus Operational Business Applications.

VisionPlus Operational Business Applications consist of below solutions;

  • VisionPlus CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • VisionPlus PRM - Partner Relationship Management
  • VisionPlus SFA - Sales Force Automation
  • VisionPlus FSA - Field Service Automation
  • VisionPlus SCM - Supply Chain Management
  • VisionPlus Pharma - Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System

Why VisionPlus?

Cloud Company :Allows centralized data storage, and online access to applications. Provides easy access to applications anytime, anywhere from diverse mobile devices. Supports Public and Private Cloud deployment models, offers On-Premise option as well.

Low Total Cost of Ownership: No upfront investment is required, solutions are provided as Software as a Service. Helps you consolidate separate application needs into one centralized cloud computing service.

Flexible Modular Architecture: Easily customized to serve your business needs. Supports multiple language, multiple currency and multiple distribution centers.

Industry Knowledge and Global Presence: Scalable application with global and local reference customers. Has large local and international customer portfolio from diverse industries

Differences of VisionPlus

Management of All Operational Processes

  • Management of sales, marketing, distribution, service etc. processes via one central application.
  • Standardization of business processes and work flows
  • Having the control over distributor activities
  • Sharing integrated and central customer information within the company
  • Easy integration and reporting

Cloud Computing

  • Access to information at any time
  • Full control over data
  • Easy system management
  • Centralized model
  • Hardware cost advantage compared to distributed architecture

Online and Offline Working Options

  • Offline application with online working opportunity over 3G
  • Decision making using correct real time data
  • Time and labor savings in operations
  • Ability to take immediate actions in the field
  • Decrease in communication costs

Support of different mobile devices

  • iOS, Android, Windows Mobile platform support
  • Selection of the best device suitable for different user profiles
  • Cost advantage
  • More efficient field operation

Working Together With All Relational Databases

  • High continuity and performance with VisionPlus Version 2 and Oracle Database 11g R2 afterwards
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • High security features

VisionPlus Application Deployment Models

  • Public Cloud

The cloud infrastructure is made available to the general public or a large industry group and is owned by Idea Teknoloji.

  • Private Cloud

The cloud infrastructure is operated solely for an organization. It can be managed by Idea Teknoloji.

  • On-Premises

The software is installed and operated from a customer's in-house server and computing infrastructure. It utilizes an organization’s native computing resources and requires a licensed or purchased copy of software.