VisionPlus CRM

Customer Relationship Management

VisionPlus CRM, the customer relationship management application by Idea Technology Solutions, helps organizations manage their relationships with customers, from lead through sales order, campaigns and account management, in the most effective way thanks to its robust features. The fact that changing competitive environment and customer expectations take the sales processes to a different point requires organizations to access the correct data about customers in real time. Information provided about customers such as increase or decrease in purchases compared to the same period of the previous year, and how many times the customer called the support services enables an easier and more effective management of customer relationship processes.

All data created by sales representatives, distributors, suppliers, service points and customers are used in an effective way with VisionPlus CRM application enabling companies to reach their goals easier.

Thanks to the CRM system where the customer information is collected and stored, the results of activities for customers are evaluated with reports and analysis, organizations can perform customer segmentation easily and can develop targeted campaigns and special services for their customers.

Feature Benefit
Lead Management Lead flow between marketing and sales is streamlined. Leads are assigned to right person based on the business rules defined. Parametric lead assessment rules can be created. The progress of leads, from source to current status, is tracked.
Opportunity Management Opportunities are created and prioritized easily. Visibility into opportunity status in the deal cycle is provided.
Quote Management Sales quotes with a workflow approval process can be created and managed.
Account Management Sales professional are provided with a single detailed view into required information to manage their sales accounts. Sales-delivery-service records of any product or service can be captured, stored and tracked. Sales potential and opportunities can be reviewed.
Contact Management Information about customer contacts are captured and stored along with the contact history. Detailed contact information is provided on a single screen.
Task Management Tasks can be assigned to people or groups. History and status of tasks can be tracked.
Quote Management The leads that are approved at the end of a defined process are accepted eligable for pricing.
Contract Management Contracts are created to define products and pricing conditions for customers and distributors. Sales contracts can be monitored throughout the contract life cycle, from creation to renewal.
Collaboration Office employees can share information and documents with each other, and make informed decisions
Interactive Dashboard Users can customize the lay out of the reports by applying filters and dragging and dropping the fields they are interested in. Performance can be monitored via dashboards.
Mobile Application Field employees may access to all required functions via the mobile application. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile platforms are supported.