VisionPlus FSA

Field Service Automation

VisionPlus FSA is a business software solution which provides management of all services provided to customers, starting from the sales through support, in an integrated way.

Trade assets management activities such as Installation, maintenance, repair and returns are performed in the field are managed and recorded using the mobile application.

Information such as service period and materials used are sent to the company database instantaneously and it is used to determine whether invoicing will be made or not according to contract and warranty conditions. Opportunities can be managed centrally in a proactive way.

Tasks and current status of the service employees are monitored and thus an optimum task assignment is provided. Information such as service history, technical documents, service conditions needed by the service employees in the field are provided on mobile devices. All activities carried out in the field are recorded and the documents like set-up form, service form and invoices are created automatically. As a result, headquarter can directly control and track the performance of field service team instantaneously.

Feature Benefit
Service Ticket Management Calls coming via telephone, fax or web are recorded from a single point. Incoming calls are assigned to the field following the planning process.
Call status can be tracked instantaneously.
Tradel Asset Management It provides management of trade assets located at the sales points. Entries of processes like installations, maintenances, repairs and returns are recorded using the application. Serial number based tracking is supported.
Field Team Management Product, region or customer based routes are defined.
Daily activities of field team are tracked based on time and location.
Service and Installation Management Service and installation procedures are defined based on call types.
Stock Management It provides instant tracking of the stocks in vehicle, distributor and warehouse. Serial number or quantity based inventory tracking is supported.
Contract, Invoicing and Sales Management Access to service contract terms is provided with all details. Invoicing is carried out according to contract. Spare part sales and warranty period extension can be performed.
Technical Documents / Information Database Access to all technical details of products is provided via the application.
Mobile Application Field employees can access to all required functions via the mobile application. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile platforms are supported.