VisionPlus Pharma

Tracking System

The Ministry of Health made the Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System, which is one of the first applications against drug fraud and smuggling of drugs in the world, obligatory in Turkey in 2010.

Within the scope of the Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System, the drug manufacturers have to print a serial number (datamatrix) on all of the drugs they import or manufacture in Turkey and report those serial numbers to the Ministry of Health.

Likewise, the pharmaceutical companies have to report each serial number of any drugs they have sold to the Ministry of Health.

Given the critical situation of the manufacturing and sale processes, it is highly important for the pharmaceutical companies that the Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System operates continuously and error-free.

Thanks to the Visionplus Pharmaceutical solution that Idea Teknoloji delivers for the production of datamatrixes, services such as the printing of datamatrixes in the production environment, storing datamatrix data, providing the integration between the current structure and the operational systems and transmission of the relevant data to the Ministry of Health are provided.

The Visionplus Pharmaceutical solution operates under Oracle Enterprise Edition database. Besides, Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) option guarantees high continuity of the system.