VisionPlus PRM

Partner Relationship Management

VisionPlus PRM is a business application providing real time visibility and control over all the aspects of the relationship between the company headquarter and distributors. From monitoring the stock levels at distributors and overseeing distributors’ sales activities to claims and commissions, all required operations can be managed from a single application.

Functions that are critical in distributor management such as order management, credit limit controls, automatic ordering based on stock levels, and trade asset control are easily deployed and used with VisionPlus PRM.

Information such as distributor sales targets, product listings and exclusions, price lists, discounts and campaigns, and marketing budgets is standard information available within VisionPlus PRM. Moreover, all sales and service operations can be managed together (direct and indirect) from single point through full integration with VisionPlus CRM, SFA or FSA.

Functions and Benefits of VisionPlus PRM

Function Benefit
Channel Planning Goals are defined by distributors and customers. Budget, endorsement and campaign planning to support the distributors’ growth are managed. Distributor projects are being followed up.
Sales Planning Revenue estimates are created by distributor, product, seller and project. It provides sales estimates based on current situations or historical data.
Goal-Quota Management The goals and sales quotas of all distributors can be easily managed. Goal achievement can be monitored in real time.
Price List Management Price lists of products and services being applied to distributors and customers are created and kept up to date. The products that distributors can or cannot sell are defined.
Sales and Purchase Order Management Purchase and sales order processes are automated. Distributors send purchase orders to the manufacturer through the system. Manufacturers easily manage sales and financial businesses with distributors.
Campaign and Progress Management Progress payments of the distributors are monitored and calculated in accordance with the campaign rules.
Loyalty Management Loyalty program for distributors and retailers are created; relevant point and award system is defined.
Field Sales Activity Planning Activities and tasks of the field teams are planned. Field analyses are created for targeted sales points. Compliance with product placements, plan-o-grams and trade promotions are monitored.
Interactive Reports and Dashboards Users can customize the lay out of the reports by applying filters and dragging and dropping the fields they are interested in. Performance can be monitored via dashboards.
Mobile Application Field employees can access to all required functions via the mobile application. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile platforms are supported.