VisionPlus SCM

VisionPlus SCM is a solution specifically for the companies that need to focus on product safety and traceability through supply chain management. With this solution, it is possible to track products with serial numbers which are sold either to consumers or Distributers and Sales Points.

VisionPlus SCM enables the following:  

  • Determining the sales points that have problematic products
  • Withdrawal of problematic products from the market
  • Restraining the products from the spot market
  • Determining the sales point that gives the fake products to the market

There are different technologies used for tracking products. The most widely recognized one is printing serial numbers on the package of products. Moreover, with this solution; it is possible to use hologram based or DNA based security stickers which is developed by İdea Teknoloji Çözümleri.

VisionPlus SCM is not just an end-to-end solution for product safety and traceability but also offering some advantages for operational processes. Corporate processes like Distribution Management, Service Management or Sales Operations can be measured and reported with respect to metrics related to product safety and traceability. In addition, VisionPlus SCM supports traceability for different packaging units (carton, package or pallet) through effective warehouse management system. Thus, SCM optimize the utility without additional load to the systems.

Feature Benefit
Party-Lot Tracking Tracking of products are done based on party-lot information.
Party-lot information is also tracked on the upper packaging units.
Serial Number Tracking Tracking of each product can be done based on serial number.
Serial numbers can be created by internal application or can be created externally.
Serial number information is also tracked on the upper packaging units.
Stock Management Box, pallet creating/canceling processes are supported.
Mmixed box function is provided.
Errorless placing and recalling process is ensured with location tracking.
Recalling the product Recalling the products of a specific party-lot is supported.
Recalling the products of specific serial numbers is supported.
Order Management Tracking of the materials used in the production (raw material, semi product etc) with the party-lot information is supported.
Sales Management Matching the party-lot serial number with customer is supported.
Labelling Opportunity to print labels with different designs and content for different packaging units is provided.
Mobile Application Field employees can access to all required functions via the mobile application.
iOS, Android, Windows Mobile platforms are supported.