VisionPlus SFA

Sales Force Automation

VisionPlus SFA is a business application which enables companies to manage sales, distribution and marketing operations for final sales points using a single application. Data is sent to a central platform daily or in real time. Organizations can make strategic decisions faster as they can access the correct data instantaneously. VisionPlus SFA provides a great competitive advantage for all companies reaching the end user through retailers especially the ones in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector.

Supportting end to end sales force process, from cycle planning through sales execution to analysis, VP SFA solution ensures companies can run multiple field forces and processes optimally. Built-in reporting and dashboards module enables in-depth analysis of visit performance, in store audit results, employee productivity and overall sales performance. VP SFA supports multiple roles and sales processes such as preselling, van-selling, and merchandising roles.

VisionPlus SFA mobile application shortens many processes from planning to analysis and provides time and labor saving.

Thanks to its web-based centralized structure, it completely eliminates the initial investment cost necessary for district offices, branches, distributors and dealers.

Feature Benefit
Sales /Purchase Management Purchase and sales order processes are automated and streamlined. Distributors and customers place orders through the system. Orders can be captured on the field via the mobile application. Preselling, van selling and mixed models are supported. The status of orders and order fill rates are tracked instantaneously.
Field Management

Daily activities of the field sales team are tracked based on time and location. Routes are created and updated easily, and shared with the sales team.

Returns Management Return process with approval workflow is supported. Average price of returns can be determined with various models.
Stock Management It provides stock tracking for distributors and customers. Critical and safety stock levels are defined for distributors which enables automatic re-ordering.
Trade Asset Management It provides tracking the trade assets at distributor and customer location. Status, performance and history of trade assets are being monitored.
Contract Management Contracts with distributors and customers are managed easily. Compliance with contract conditions and terms is measured to ensure the conditions are met to pursue the contract or to manage claims and progress payments.
Target based performance management Targets are defined for sales team, distributors and customers. Target achievement is measured and reported instantaneously.
Campaign Management Various campaigns are defined with flexible campaign module. Effects of campaigns on sales numbers are reported.
Interactive Dashboard Users can customize the lay out of the reports by applying filters and dragging and dropping the fields they are interested in. Performance can be monitored via dashboards.
Mobile ApplicationField employees can access to all required functions via the mobile application. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile platforms are supported. Field employees can access to all required functions via the mobile application. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile platforms are supported.