VisionPlus ToDay

The VisionPlus Today is a territory planning and route optimization solution that factors in parameters and constraints impacting your profitability.

With the VisionPlus Today you can plan your sales territories for your field sales employees, and create routes within these territories.

The application has algorithms to decrease cost and maximize profit with subject to defined constraints.

Sample Parameters & Constraints VisionPlus Today uses:

  • Demand
  • Workday
  • Working hours
  • Visit duration
  • Visit frequency
  • Number of sales employees / trucks
  • Vehicle utilization

The VisionPlus Today has a user friendly interface - easy to visualize customer locations, territories, routes and sequences on a map view. The application allows manual interactions like changing visit sequences via drag and drop method.

Feature Benefit
Creating sales territories. Optimum use of resources
Decrease your sales and distribution costs
Creating fixed and dynamic routes. Efficient scheduling of customer visits, deliveries, field service appointments
More profitable customer visits, fewer miles driven, reduced operational costs
Create new routes for different time periods. Update territories and routes with new customers Adapt to changing market conditions quickly